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About Our Company

About Us

Popular Life Insurance Co. Ltd. established by a group of local enthusiastic entrepreneur started its operation in September 26, 2000. Since inception, Popular Life set before itself a high standard of all round performance coextensive with professional soundness and proficiency. It soon made a mark in the life insurance arena by not only being the leader among the private sector indigenous companies, but by undertaking and successfully implementing innovative and welfare oriented life insurance schemes. But more importantly, in fulfilment of the avowed commitment towards social development, Popular Life introduced micro-life insurance-cum-savings products specially suited to the needs and pockets of poor people of the country who constitute more than 80% of the people of Bangladesh.
Micro Individual Life
Al-Amin Bima Ekok Bima
Janapriya Bima Islami Bima Takaful
Islami DPS Al-Barakah Islami Bima (Ekok)
Al-Barakah Islami DPS Janapriya Ekok Bima
Popular DPS IDPS Ekok Bima
Al-Amin Ekok Bima

Ordinary Life

Popular Life offers a wide variety of ordinary life product/plans ranging from the most common endowment type to more modern and sophisticated plans like payments scheme policies (biennial/three/four/five payments), pension plan, Hajj Bima, education stipend plans,chield protection

Micro Insurance

Popular Life first launched Micro Insurance product in 2001 through its to cater to the necessity of economic protection against premature death and of disability a way for regular savings for the poor and low income group of people living in villages. >> More